About You

What could we possibly know about you? For starters, you’re probably a lot like the thousands of other high-achievers we’ve worked with over the last forty years…

You’re highly motivated

You’re not the kind of person who waits around for someone else to make you successful. You’re not afraid to try new things, and you’re eager to learn.

You’re driven to succeed

You want more out of life, and you know you’re capable of getting it. You have a vision of a bigger, better future, and that vision draws you forward.

You’re willing to do the work

You’re not afraid of long hours and hard work. You’re willing to do what it takes to gain the skills you need to reach that bigger, better life.

We like people like you

Your study of other successful people has probably taught you something that most people never recognize: There is a “secret sauce” to success, an essential skill that all high-achievers share, a skill that will determine whether or not you ever achieve your dreams.

Your ability to communicate

“Your careers will be determined largely by how well
you speak, by how well you write, and by the quality of
your ideas…in that order.”
Patrick Henry Winston, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, MIT

We live in an increasingly interconnected world, where your ultimate level of success will depend more and more on your ability to express yourself in a confident, compelling, and creative way. In today’s world, that’s what separates the successful from the unsuccessful and the amateur from the serious professional.

Your communication skills will determine whether you:

  • Remain stuck in the job you have, or land the job you dream of
  • Start a local club, or found a worldwide movement
  • Settle for polite applause, or earn a standing ovation
  • Keep a private journal, or publish a bestselling memoir

What are you willing to settle for?

The world isn’t changed by great ideas. The world is changed by people who learn how to communicate their ideas in a captivating, irresistible style.

You can be one of them.

Have you ever felt like this?

  • Did you ever present an idea, only to have it greeted with a yawn because you didn’t know how to express it with the passion it deserved?
  • Did you ever sit silently through a meeting, because you lacked the confidence to share your ideas?
  • Did you ever wonder how you sound to other people? Do people cross the room to talk to you, or do they seem to cross the street to avoid you?
  • Does the thought of speaking in public terrify you, though the job you dream of will require it?

Now imagine this…

  • You present your ideas clearly, briefly, and persuasively, while your listeners nod their approval.
  • People like to talk to you. Conversation comes easily for you, and you feel as though you never run out of questions.
  • You stand up to speak in public, and feel confident about both your content and presentation skills.
  • You no longer sit quietly through meetings—you lead them.

This is what we’ve learned

After decades working as professional speakers, teachers, writers, and trainers, we came to a life-changing realization: Whether you speak, or teach, or write, it’s all communication—and the same principles lead to excellence in whatever you do.

That’s why we’ve been able to coach and train such a wide variety of people over the years:

  • Entrepreneurs seeking ways to accelerate the growth of their business
  • Couples hoping to learn to connect in a more positive way
  • Contractors preparing to deliver multi-million dollar bids
  • Writers wanting to learn to construct a compelling story
  • Politicians needing to polish their speaking skills before an election
  • Pastors desiring to improve their teaching skills

And we’d like to work with you too. You’re our kind of people.

Our mission

Our mission is to teach the timeless, universal principles of communication that all high-achievers practice. That’s what the Communication Guys are all about.

Here are some of the ways we can accelerate your success:

Our podcast

Our weekly “Communication Guys” podcast is where we teach those universal principles of great communication, and bring our trademark blend of humor, wisdom, and business acumen to all forms of communication: spoken and written, interpersonal and public, platform and small group, we cover it all.

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