How to Prepare for Successful Conversations

Episode 125: If You Forget Everything Else, Remember This

This week’s Communication Guys episode is a response to a question from one of our listeners in the U.K. Have you ever experienced his problem?

It seems that when he approaches an important conversation, all of our helpful tips and advice seem to vanish from his mind and he finds himself winging it. “What are the most important things for me to remember?” he asks. “What do I need to review before a significant conversation begins?”

Episode 125 of The Communication Guys podcast is “How to Prepare for Successful Conversations,” where the Guys list the 5 most important things to keep in mind before any important conversation.

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What the World Wants Most

Episode 124: What 600 Million Tweets Reveal About Us

Suppose you were asked to complete these sentences: “I wish __________.” “I want __________.” “I love __________.” What would you say? Your answers might reveal some of your deepest desires.

Meet an NYU professor with a Ph.D. in Computer Science who decided to find out how most people finish those sentences. Last year he collected 600 million posts from Twitter to see if he could determine what people “wish, want, and love” most.

Episode 124 of The Communication Guys podcast is “What the World Wants Most,” where the Guys reveal the 5 top wishes, wants, and loves of people everywhere. The findings might surprise you, and reveal some valuable tips for lasting happiness.

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