Special Hurricane Harvey Episode

Special Episode: What to Say to Someone Who is Suffering

Right now, our thoughts are with the people of Houston and the Gulf Coast as they struggle to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. You may have given money, sent emergency supplies, or even joined a relief effort to help out. But what about the times when all you can do to offer comfort is pay a visit, write a letter, or pick up a phone? What’s the right thing to say when someone is in pain? Sometimes our well-intended words only seem to make things worse.

This special episode of The Communication Guys podcast is “What to Say to Someone Who is Suffering,” where the Guys offer 6 helpful guidelines for choosing just the right words, and for avoiding those awkward and regrettable comments all of us have said. If you know someone who lives along the Gulf Coast–or just know someone in need of comfort right now–this episode is for you.

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